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Tumor Microenvironment Expert

As a premier TME research outsourcing service provider, Alfa Oncology is deeply dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of tumor research services to scientific researchers worldwide. Our main priority is to advance TME research and facilitate the discovery and development of new drugs.

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Technology Platform

Alfa Oncology provides comprehensive TME research services and integrated end-to-end solutions for our global partners covering all aspects of TME to help individuals and organizations succeed in their research. We are committed to accelerating a comprehensive understanding of the TME through our technology platform and facilitating our global clients in bringing forth innovative therapies to market for the benefit of patients.

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One-stop scientific research services

Alfa Oncology is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive, one-stop scientific research services, supporting each custom project in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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We have integrated a wide range of advanced experimental equipment to deliver high-quality services that encompass every aspect, ranging from TME modeling to drug discovery.

High-quality Products

Alfa Oncology provides first-class protein, antibody, and ELISA kits suitable for comprehensive research on TME.

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We provide a range of TME related products that will assist your TME basic research and cancer treatment R&D procedure.

Customized solutions

Alfa Oncology offers customized solutions for TME research to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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We provide a full range of solutions for scientists and researchers in both TME basic research and TME-targeted preclinical drug development.


Alfa Oncology is a service provider specializing in tumor microenvironment research.

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