Protein Conjugate Delivery Systems Development Services
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Protein Conjugate Delivery Systems Development Services

Different types of vaccines have different delivery systems, and protein conjugate mainly serves cancer vaccines based on antigen peptides or antigen proteins, with the main purpose of reducing toxicity and enhancing immune activity. Carrier proteins sometimes contain various Tc and Th epitopes, which can synergistically assist immunity against T cell-dependent B epitopes. Alfa Cytology provides protein conjugate delivery systems development services to help with projects about cancer vaccines.

Fig. 1 The schematic diagrams of protein conjugate delivery system with built-in adjuvant.Fig. 1 The schematic diagrams of protein conjugate delivery system with built-in adjuvant.

Introduction to Protein Conjugate Delivery Systems

The covalent binding between peptide antigens and carrier proteins is a standard method for enhancing immunogenicity. Compared with other controlled-release delivery systems, the main goal of protein conjugate delivery systems is to increase the immune reactivity of cancer antigens without triggering biological toxicity reactions. The following table shows some delivery system types that have been proven effective and some detailed information.

Protein Types Description
Tetanus Toxoid Tetanus toxoid is a toxin made from Clostridium tetanus, which is a carrier protein that has been used in peptide cancer vaccines.
E2 Core Protein The E2 core protein of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex has been used as a platform for peptide cancer vaccines. It contains 60 self-assembled monomers, producing cage-like proteins.
Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) KLH is a large immunogenic protein obtained from the blood of the marine organism Schistosoma keyhole and is one of the most common peptide carriers. It has been used in many clinical trials of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and colorectal cancer vaccines.

Our Service

Some of the traditional delivery systems cannot meet the development needs of some new vaccines, so Alfa Cytology provides upgraded versions of protein conjugate delivery systems development services. In addition to the common types of protein conjugate delivery systems, we can also provide customized services based on customer needs or antigen information.

Glycoprotein Conjugate

Many cancer vaccines cannot achieve success in clinical trials, mainly because the cancer antigens used in most vaccines have immune tolerance. As is well known, carbohydrates have a certain immunogenicity in the body, so adding glycoconjugates based on carrier proteins is meaningful for the development of some vaccines. The immunogenicity of glycoprotein-conjugated vaccines has a significant trend of improvement.

Built-in Adjuvant

Protein conjugates containing adjuvants will increase the stimulating effect of adjuvants and reduce their toxic effects. Besides, incorporating adjuvants on the carrier protein will combine the advantages of both fully synthetic and semi-synthetic vaccines. Multiple built-in adjuvants enhance their activity due to their cluster effect and ensure that adjuvants are delivered together with antigens to lymph nodes for immune stimulation.

The above services all involve complex experimental processes, and Alfa Cytology has a professional experimental platform and a group of experienced laboratory personnel to escort each project.

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Empowering success through cooperation.

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The high frequency of use of carrier protein delivery systems in vaccine development indicates their effectiveness. Alfa Cytology is committed to providing customers with all kinds of delivery systems development services and various cancer vaccine preclinical services, if you are interested in our service program, feel free to contact us.

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