Who Are We?

Alfa Cytology is an international biotechnology company headquartered in the United States, focusing on research on the tumor microenvironment. We have organized a large number of experienced technicians and invested a lot of money to build a series of high-end technology platforms. With the continuous expansion of the company's scale and the rave reviews of completed projects, it has attracted many customers and partners.

Who Are We
What Do We Offer
What Do We Offer?

Alfa Cytology is a reliable partner dedicated to providing professional tumor microenvironment related services to customers all over the world. It can help customers solve project problems or develop new research directions in an all-round way, and accelerate their research speed. In addition, we can also tailor solutions for you according to your scientific research needs.

Our Mission

Alfa Cytology upholds the principle of customer-oriented and quality as the cornerstone, and guarantee to provide customers with the most reliable research services, comprehensive data analysis, faster turnaround time and the most competitive prices.

Alfa Cytology strives to continuously supplement the existing technology portfolio with novel technologies, which is an important prerequisite for our continued growth.

Our Mission


Alfa Cytology is a service provider specializing in tumor microenvironment research.

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