Cancer Antigenic Epitope Study Services
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Cancer Antigenic Epitope Study Services

Epitopes are specific molecular targets of adaptive T and B cell immune responses. Epitopes derived from cancer antigens have high cancer relevance as they are specifically recognized by anti-tumor immune cells. Therefore, cancer antigenic epitope study is crucial for cancer vaccines, as cancer vaccines mainly work by triggering the immune response to attack cancer cells. Alfa Cytology offers cancer antigenic epitope study services to support subsequent vaccine development.

Schematic diagram of how T cells recognize cancer cells. Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of how T cells recognize cancer cells.

Benefits of Cancer Antigenic Epitope Study

The human adaptive immune response (B cells or T cells) that accurately identifies cancer cells plays an important role in the process of cancer development, and can partially or completely inhibit tumor growth. Cancer antigenic epitope study aims to identify, characterize, and validate epitopes that can trigger immune responses against cancer through a series of biotechnology, to achieve ultimate medical practical significance.

Developing Immunotherapy.

Developing Immunotherapy

Understanding cancer antigen epitopes is crucial for the development of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy refers to targeting and eradicating cancer cells by amplifying the immune system's immune response through external forces.

Personalized Healthcare.

Personalized Healthcare

Each cancer patient may have different cancer antigen epitopes, so personalized antigen spectrum recognition is needed. Searching for new cancer antigen epitopes can also aid in treating, diagnosing, and preventing cancer.

Cancer Vaccine Development.

Cancer Vaccine Development

Cancer vaccines use tumor cell-related antigens to awaken the body's immune system against cancer. Therefore, studying cancer antigen epitopes is crucial for the rational design of therapeutic cancer vaccines.

Our Service

Alfa Cytology provides cancer antigenic epitope study services for our clients. We provide a complete set of cancer antigen research service processes, including antigen discovery, specific characterization, and animal experiments. Whether it is a single-step service or a comprehensive service, we will appoint the most professional scientists to serve. The process and some required technologies are shown below.

The process of cancer antigenic epitope study

Antigen Selection

Select TAA or TSA for subsequent experiments based on customer needs.

Molecular Characterization

Further characterization is to understand its molecular mechanisms and characteristics of interactions.


Firstly, use bioinformatics tools and databases for prediction, followed by experimental validation of epitopes.

Immune Monitoring

Immune monitoring mainly involves epitope specificity and immune response levels in the body.

The above services all involve complex experimental processes, and Alfa Cytology has a professional experimental platform and a group of experienced laboratory personnel to escort each project. The following are some service-related technologies.

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization

The position of the human chromosome can be determined according to the results.

DNA Library Screening

Screening cDNA expression library of target cells using purified IgG.

Reverse Transcription–Polymerase Chain Reaction

Western Blot Analysis

Evaluate the binding strength between proteins or peptides.

High-pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Why Choose Us?

Professional and well-trained core technical team.

technical team.

Advanced experimental equipment.

Advanced experimental equipment.

Empowering success through cooperation.

Empowering success through cooperation.

Strict quality control system.

Strict quality control system.

As a pioneer enterprise in cancer vaccine study and development, Alfa Cytology not only provides cancer antigen prediction and identification services but also provides immunogenicity testing of effective peptides and other cancer antigenic epitope study services. If you are interested in our service program, please get in touch with us.

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