Tumor-specific Antigen Identification Services
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Tumor-specific Antigen Identification Services

Tumor occurrence is the result of mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes leading to abnormal protein production, hence this abnormal protein is called tumor-specific antigen (TSA). In other words, TSA only exists on tumor cells and does not exist on any other cells. Therefore, the TSA recognition has become an important step in the development of cancer vaccines. Alfa Cytology offers tumor-specific antigen identification services based on our technical expertise and extensive experience.

Significance of Tumor-specific Antigen Identification

In theory, vaccines designed based on TSA should be able to specifically target tumor cells while avoiding the occurrence of autoimmune or tolerance. Therefore, identifying TSA is a key step in vaccine development. The following is the significance.

  • Targeting Cancer Cells
    Tumor-specific antigens are unique molecules expressed only on cancer cells. By identifying and targeting TSA, cancer cells can be targeted specifically to minimize potential side effects.
  • Immune System Activation
    TSA can activate the immune system by stimulating T cells and antigen-presenting cells (APCs). The strong immune activation of TSA is crucial for effective cancer immunotherapy.
  • Vaccine Development
    TSA is a key goal in cancer vaccine development. Vaccines can be designed specifically to target TSA and trigger an immune response, thereby training the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells expressing these antigens.

Our Service

With our proven technology systems and extensive industry experience, Alfa Cytology offers a full range of tumor-specific antigen identification services and product optimization support. Our tumor-specific antigen identification services mainly include the following.

Genomic Analysis Services

Genomic Analysis Services.

Genomic analysis involves sequencing the DNA of tumor tissue and normal tissue and comparing them to search for the differences. This method helps to identify tumor-specific genetic changes, such as insertions, deletions, mutations, or gene fusion. These changes can lead to the production of unique protein sequences that can be used as TSA.

Transcriptome Analysis Services

Transcriptome Analysis Services.

Transcriptome analysis pays more attention to the study of RNA transcripts produced by tumor cells. RNA sequencing (RNA seq) and some other techniques can be used to identify tumor-specific gene expression. Differential gene expression analysis helps identify upregulated or uniquely expressed tumor genes, indicating potential TSA.

In addition, Alfa Cytology also provides identification services for different types of tumor-specific antigens to ensure meeting the unique needs of our customers.

Unique Tumor-specific Antigens (uTSA) Identification Services

Since even tumors of the same type vary greatly depending on individual circumstances, fully personalized treatment is the best method for every cancer patient. Because uTSA only occurred within a single type of tumor in a patient. These antigens can become excellent targets for personalized cancer immunotherapy.

Unique Tumor-specific Antigens (uTSA) Identification Services.

Cancer Neoantigens Identification Services

Because the neoantigens only exist in cancer cells, there are no central tolerance or autoimmune issues. This tumor-specific antigen can originate from post-translational modifications, viral proteins, and somatic mutations.

Cancer Neoantigens Identification Services.

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Alfa Cytology provides tumor-specific antigen identification services and tumor-associated antigen identification services, providing a full range of services for customers' project development. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch with us to get more information.

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