Tumor-associated Antigen Identification Services
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Tumor-associated Antigen Identification Services

Mutations in other genes unrelated to tumor formation may lead to abnormal protein synthesis, known as tumor-associated antigens (TAA). TAA is highly expressed in tumor cells, but at lower levels in healthy cells, and arises mostly from genetic amplification or post-translational modifications. Alfa Cytology offers tumor-associated antigen identification services based on our technical expertise and extensive experience.

Significance of Tumor-associated Antigen Identification

Unlike immune antigens for infectious diseases, vaccine antigens targeting tumors are often more ambiguous because the strong variability of tumors allows for an infinite number of potential antigens to serve as vaccine targets. More and more TAAs are providing necessary reagents for many human cancers to explore active immunotherapy strategies for human cancer, namely therapeutic cancer vaccines.

  • Targeted Immunotherapy
    TAA provides valuable targets for cancer immunotherapy methods. By targeting TAA, specific recognition can be achieved to destroy cancer cells or immune-mediated clearance of cancer cells.
  • Reducing Off-target Effects
    Due to the specificity of TAA towards cancer cells or its high expression in tumors, therapies targeting these antigens can selectively target cancer cells, thereby minimizing damage to normal tissues.
  • Understanding Tumor Biology
    TAAs can provide a deeper understanding of the biological and molecular characteristics of tumors. The accurate identification of TAA helps to further explore the potential mechanisms of tumor pathogenesis.

Our Service

TAA is an important target for cancer treatment, and its precise identification is crucial for the development of effective cancer vaccines, as well as for the development of other more precise and effective immunotherapy methods. Alfa Cytology provides comprehensive tumor-associated antigen identification services, as shown below.

Proteomic Analysis Services

Proteomic Analysis Services.

Proteomics analysis mainly includes the recognition and quantification of related proteins in tumor cells. Based on various biotechnology techniques, proteins that are differentially expressed in tumors compared to normal tissues can be identified. These identified proteins can be further studied as effective antigen peptides required for cancer vaccines.

Peptide-based Identification Services

Peptide-based Identification Services.

Peptide-based cancer antigen identification methods mainly include the synthesis and screening of cancer-related immune response peptide libraries. This technology that can identify peptides that specifically trigger immune responses in cancer patients is often referred to as peptide microarray or peptide immune screening.

In Silico Prediction Services

In Silico Prediction Services.

The methods of in Silico prediction of tumor antigens, such as epitope prediction algorithms and antigen recognition algorithms, can be used to predict potential cancer antigens. They are generally based on tumor cell genome data or tumor-related protein sequence data for predictive analysis.

TILs-based Identification Services

TILs-based Identification Services.

BTumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) are immune cells that infiltrate tumor tissue. TILs can be separated through biotechnology and further T cell receptors (TCRs) that can specifically recognize tumor antigens can be obtained. TCR can help efficiently identify TAAs that trigger immune responses in the tumor microenvironment.

Process for Tumor-associated Antigen Identification Services

cDNA library screening -Constructing expression library, screening library, isolating positive clones, sequencing of inserted fragments, and analysis through BLAST search.

Proteomic approach -SDS-PAGE, immunoblotting analysis, in-gel protein digestion, LC-MS/MS analysis, and protein identification.

In vitro testing –ELISA, western blot, etc.

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Advanced experimental equipment.

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Empowering success through cooperation.

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Alfa Cytology provides tumor-specific antigen identification services and tumor-associated antigen identification services, providing a full range of services for customers' project development. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch with us to get more information.

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