Peptide Cancer Vaccine Development Services
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Peptide Cancer Vaccine Development Services

Tumor antigens are formed through overexpression during tumorigenesis and progression. They can be internalized by dendritic cells, where they are degraded into peptides and assembled onto human leukocyte antigen molecules on the surface of dendritic cells to activate T cells. Alfa Cytology offers professional peptide cancer vaccine development services.

Fig 1. Basic mechanisms by which a peptide cancer vaccine activates antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes.Fig.1 Basic mechanisms by which a peptide cancer vaccine activates antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes. (He, X., et al., 2018)

Introduction to Peptide Cancer Vaccines

Identifying new peptides from tumor antigens is an attractive immunotherapeutic approach with clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness. Peptide length is crucial for immunogenicity. Shorter peptides (8-12 amino acids) have shorter half-lives, while synthetic long peptides are more stable and immunogenic. The peptide vaccines that have been developed are multi-epitope, whereas in vitro studies usually focus on single peptides. Peptides are relatively easy to synthesize compared to whole proteins, making them valuable for understanding vaccine mechanisms and advancing peptide-based vaccine research. Peptide-based vaccines offer some advantages.

  • Less Toxic
    Allows better treatment of metastatic cancers.

  • Combination Therapy Potential
    Targets multiple pathways simultaneously with improving outcomes.
  • Highly Effective
    Induces significant immune response for active immunotherapy.
  • Potential for Cross-Protection.
    Provides cross-protection against tumor variants, resulting in broader immunity.

Our Service

Based on the multiple advantages of peptide cancer vaccines and their potential to improve efficacy and reduce side effects compared to traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Alfa Cytology will meet your needs for a safe and effective peptide cancer vaccine tailored to your needs.

Peptide Cancer Vaccine Types

Peptide cancer vaccines can be customized and refined according to various design principles and intended applications, such as targeting specific types of cancer. Peptide cancer vaccines are available in the following types, based on different characteristics.

  • Structured Peptide Vaccine
  • Protein-interacting Vaccines
  • Autoantigen vaccines
  • Antigen-specific Vaccines

Peptide Cancer Vaccine Development Process

  • Identification of Target Proteins.
    Identify highly expressed surface proteins on cancer cells.
  • Determination of Peptide Fragments.
    Recognition of immunogenic peptide fragments linked to target proteins by bioinformatics activates the immune response.
  • Peptide Vaccines Design
    Peptide fragments bind to carrier proteins to heighten immunogenicity, eliciting a robust immune response. Selecting suitable cancer vaccine adjuvants and delivery systems is critical to ensure proper activation of the immune system for peptide vaccines and the induction of an effective T-cell response. Alfa Cytology provides comprehensive support throughout the development of peptide cancer vaccines, guiding you through each essential stage of the process.
  • Preclinical Studies.
    Evaluate their safety and efficacy through preclinical trials.

Why Choose Us?

Professional and well-trained core technical team.

Professional and well-trained technical team.

Advanced experimental equipment.

Advanced experimental equipment.

Empowering success through cooperation.

Empowering success through cooperation.

Strict quality control system.

Strict quality control system.

Peptide cancer vaccines are an attractive option for immunotherapy due to their safety and cost-effectiveness. They have demonstrated higher survival rates and fewer side effects. Alfa Cytology, a specialized cancer vaccine development provider, offers customized peptide cancer vaccine development services. If you are interested in peptide cancer vaccine development services, please contact us for professional and enthusiastic services.


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