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Micelles Delivery Systems Development Services

Similar to liposomes, in aqueous solutions, amphiphilic molecules can self-assemble into micelles, in which the hydrophobic part serves as the core and the hydrophilic part gathers on the surface. Micelles can be functionalized by peptides and molecular adjuvants, which allows them to be explored as vaccine platforms. Alfa Cytology provides high-quality micelle delivery system development services to help our clients with cancer vaccine development.

Introduction to Micelle

The most common methods for preparing micelles are oil-in-water emulsions or solvent evaporation. In general, depending on the composition, the size is about 2 to 20 nm. One of the main differences from other nanoparticles, especially liposomes, is the high stability. However, in the bloodstream, the micelles still tend to dissociate into monomers and release the load after being diluted. Some chemical modifications are thought to improve the stability and efficiency of micelles.

Commonly Used Raw Materials of Micelles

Polymer-mixed micelles made from amphiphilic copolymers can enhance the immune efficacy of cancer vaccines. The following are some commonly used amphiphilic polymers, and sometimes the use of diblock micelles formed by two polymers is more appropriate.

  • PEG-phosphoethanolamine (PEG-PE)
  • Polyethylenimine-stearic acid (PSA)
  • Poly (propylene sulfide) (PPS)
  • Poly-L-lysine

Our Service

Micelles can be used to encapsulate and transport poorly water-soluble drugs, extend the circulatory half-life, promote sustained release of loads at optimal concentration levels, and offer the possibility of additional functionalization with targeted ligands for precise delivery. Targeting different customer needs, Alfa Cytology provides diversified micelle delivery systems development services, including but not limited to the following.

Magnetic Metal Micelles Delivery Systems Development Service

Fig 1. magnetic-metal-micelles-delivery-systems-development-service

Magnetic metal micelle can enhance the immunogenicity of cancer vaccines. The micelles are chemically modified by a self-sacrificing connector to allow rapid and reversible grafting of antigens to the micelles in an aqueous solution. With the help of an external magnetic field, the magnetic micelles are delivered to the lymph nodes and taken up by immune cells, where the intracellular glutathione cuts the disulfide bond and releases the antigen. Multiple functions can be integrated into a single micellar delivery system, including responsive connectivity, multiple immunostimulatory molecules, targeted delivery, etc.

Tumor Microenvironment (TME)-Responsive Micelles Delivery Systems Development Service

Fig 2. tumor-microenvironment-responsive-micelles -delivery-systems-development-service

TME is a highly complex environment that exhibits acidic pH, up-regulation of certain enzymes, increased REDOX potential, ROS, and hypoxia compared to healthy tissues. The characteristics of polymer micelles, such as simple formulation, uncomplicated structure, good loading capacity, good biocompatibility, pharmacokinetics, and the potential for further customization, make them be designed as carriers that respond to the tumor microenvironment and enhance the treatment of tumor immunity.

Fig 3. mannosylated-micelles-delivery-systems-development-service

Mannosylated Micelles Delivery Systems Development Service

Mannoglycated micelles improve dendritic cell activation and enhance antigen-specific T-cell response, resulting in higher anti-tumor immunity in the body. Therefore, mannosylated micelles are a simple and promising platform for the delivery of cancer vaccines.

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Polymer micelles have many advantages, including enhanced immunogenicity, increased uptake by antigen-presenting cells (APCs), and antigen stability. Alfa Cytology is committed to developing all kinds of cancer vaccine delivery systems and has in-depth and extensive preclinical experience. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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