Cancer Vaccine Adjuvant Development Services
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Cancer Vaccine Adjuvant Development Services

Generally, cancer antigens are the key active substance of cancer vaccines, but in most cases, they cannot cause sufficient immune responses when used alone, and adjuvant-like substances can be added to the cancer vaccine to enhance the intensity, speed, and duration of the immune response. Alfa Cytology provides cancer vaccine adjuvant development services to help with projects about cancer vaccines.

Fig. 1 Some schematic diagrams of cancer vaccine adjuvant.Fig. 1 Some schematic diagrams of cancer vaccine adjuvant.

Introduction to Cancer Vaccine Adjuvants

Vaccine adjuvants are a type of substance that can nonspecifically alter or enhance the body's specific immune response to antigens and play an auxiliary role. For a long time, traditional vaccines have been limited in research and use of adjuvants due to their strong immunogenicity. In recent years, to meet the demand for new vaccines, adjuvants have developed from traditional and single forms to new and diversified forms, especially in the research of adjuvants for mucosal vaccines, DNA vaccines, and tumor vaccines, which has become a hot topic.

Types Description
Aluminum Salts (Alum) Alum has been used in several licensed vaccines. Its main mode of action is to form a reservoir at the injection site, maintaining the continuous release of antigens, prolonging the interaction between antigens and immune cells, and ultimately inducing more effective antigen-specific B or T cell responses.
Emulsions Emulsion is one of the most commonly used adjuvants for cancer vaccines. The conventional preparation method is to mix two immiscible liquids to form droplets with a size of approximately 20-200 nm. Lotion is usually in the form of water-in-oil or oil-in-water.
Immuno-stimulating Complexes Immune Stimulating Complexes (ISCOMs) is an emerging vaccine adjuvant with strong immune reactivity. ISCOMs combine protein antigens, cholesterol, phospholipids, and saponin groups for use. The size of the final complex is approximately 40 nm. In addition, binding to antigens typically occurs through hydrophobic interactions.

Our Service

So far, various adjuvants have been proven to have clinical vaccine applicability. However, adjuvants need to have appropriate preparation methods to achieve maximum effectiveness and best stability. Alfa Cytology provides multiple cancer vaccine adjuvant-related services, including but not limited to the following.

Formulation Studies of Vaccine Adjuvants

Formulation Studies of Vaccine Adjuvants

Different vaccines require the most suitable adjuvant with specific characteristics. Our scientists will provide the best adjuvant formulation study service based on multiple parameters, such as the physical and chemical properties of vaccine antigens, immune response types, age of the target population, vaccine administration routes, and vaccine stability.

New Vaccine Adjuvant Development.

New Vaccine Adjuvant Development

Although adjuvants are nonantigenic molecules, they can effectively improve the intensity of immune responses and enhance efficacy, making them crucial in the development of cancer vaccines. Currently, only four adjuvants have been approved by the FDA. To promote scientific research and development of cancer vaccines, we provide the development service of new adjuvants.

The Significations of Cancer Vaccine Adjuvant

Enhance Immune Response

Adjuvants stimulate the innate immune system, leading to the activation and maturation of antigen-presenting cells.

Expand Immune Response

Adjuvants can stimulate multiple branches of the immune system, which is important for immune evasion.

Reduce Vaccine Dose

Strong immune response is still achieved when using lower vaccine doses. This will reduce potential side effects, lower manufacturing costs, and improve vaccine availability.

Customized Immune Response

Different adjuvants can trigger different immune responses. Adjustments can be made based on target antigens or disease needs.

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Empowering success through cooperation.

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Alfa Cytology is committed to solving various problems in the field of cancer vaccines and has in-depth and extensive development experience. We currently provide various vaccine development-related services, such as cancer vaccine adjuvant formulation selection services and cancer vaccine delivery system development services. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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