Alfa Oncology focuses on the research of tumor microenvironment. There are many experienced experts in this field, and they can cooperate with each other for more in-depth brainstorming. At the same time, we have introduced a number of advanced experimental equipment to provide customers with professional, efficient and high-quality services. We pay attention to the needs and expectations of customers, always adhere to the customer-centric business philosophy, and maximize the cooperation and win-win situation.


Cell Biology Services for TME Research

  • Cytotoxicity Testing Services
  • Cell Proliferation Detection Service
  • Apoptosis Detection Service
  • Cell Cycle Analysis Services
  • Cell Migration and Invasion Assay Services
  • Cell Marker Detection Service
  • Autophagy Detection Service
  • Other Cell Biology Services

Molecular Biology Services for TME Research

  • Tumor Multi-omics Services
  • Nucleic Acid and Protein Analysis Services
  • Virus Packaging Services
  • Tumor Gene Editing Services
  • Tumor Histopathology and Immunology Research Services


Alfa Oncology is a service provider specializing in tumor microenvironment research.

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