Solutions for Hormone Signaling and Tumor Progression

Relying on the technology platform of the tumor microenvironment center, Alfa Cytology provides comprehensive solutions for studying the relationship between hormone signaling and tumor progression, helping researchers to successfully achieve their research goals.


Hormonal Signaling and Tumor Progression

Some studies have shown that sex hormones are closely related to the occurrence and development of some common malignancies in humans, such as breast cancer and endometrial cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Similarly, pathophysiological studies have confirmed that human hormones (such as some growth factors) stimulate the growth and differentiation of epithelial cells in tissues. If the growth and differentiation are excessive, it increases the risk of tumor development. For hormone-dependent tissues and organs, sex hormones are necessary for their growth and maintenance of cellular activity.

Although abnormal hormonal signaling is associated with certain types of cancers and hormone therapy (which blocks hormonal signaling) is often used in Although abnormal hormonal signaling is associated with certain types of cancers and hormone therapy (which blocks hormonal signaling) is often used in cancer treatments, tumor cells can develop a hormone-resistant, aggressive phenotype. disrupt endocrine signaling pathways in tumor cells and microenvironmental cues that promote tumor progression and resistance.


Hormones play a regulatory role in tumorigenesis, progression, metastasis, and recurrence. Moreover, some hormones can be used as clinical indicators in the clinical diagnosis and prognosis of tumors. Currently, research on the relationship between hormone signaling and tumors is focused on the following areas: 1. Biology of hormone-resistant, aggressive tumors. 2. Mechanisms that change hormone-responsive tumors into Identification of novel therapeutic targets of hormone non-responsive tumors. 4. Biological impact of anti-hormonal therapy on stromal response. Alfa Cytology has established an innovative tumor microenvironment center technology platform and is developing several technologies to investigate the relationship between hormone signaling and tumors, helping our customers to provide high quality solutions and convenient and rapid support. We are also developing technologies that will help our customers to provide high quality solutions and easy and rapid support. We will explore these directions in depth to elucidate the molecular mechanisms and inform new strategies.

Key technologies

The combination of multi-omics to qualitify and quantify the changes of nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites in tumor growth, and to comprehensively explore genetic information at the molecular level, provides strong evidence for the linkage and mechanism of action between hormone signaling and tumor progression for further development of targeted drugs.

Tumor animal models include spontaneous tumor animal models, induced tumor animal models, transplanted tumor animal models and human tumor xenograft tumor models. Applying animal tumor models to document the physicochemical, proteomic, metabolic, and immunological abnormalities that comprise the tumor microenvironment, a more detailed understanding of these abnormalities is intended to confirm what is important in the tumor-host symbiosis and to establish ways to disrupt it. For example, to explore the relationship between hormonal signaling and tumor development and how to inhibit or block the hormonal promotion of tumor development.

Alfa Cytology is committed to supporting scientists in making breakthrough scientific discoveries and developing new applications to accelerate new drug discovery and scientific diagnosis and treatment. Our high-performance scientific instruments and high-value solutions enable scientists to explore the mysteries of life at the tumor microenvironment level. Please tell us your project requirements, and we will provide you with a full service from solution to report. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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