Single-cell IR-seq in TME

Relying on the tumor microenvironment center technology platform, Alfa Cytology provides single-cell immune repertoire sequencing and analysis services (IR-seq) for TME research, helping researchers successfully achieve their research goals.


The immune repertoire (IR) refers to the sum of all functionally diverse B and T lymphocytes. T cells and B cells mediate the body's cellular and humoral immune responses, respectively, and recognize and bind antigens through T cell receptors (TCRs) and B cell receptors (BCRs) on their surfaces, respectively, and then function to eliminate pathogens or in vivo tumor cells. The single-cell immune repertoire technology can realize the study of gene expression and adaptive immune receptor repertoire on a single cell at the same time, providing a more scalable platform for immunomics research.

Based on the 10X Genomics platform, Alfa Cytology can isolate 500 to 10,000 single cells at a time, and use the universal primers of the 5' end adapter and the nested primers of the constant region of immune molecules for V(D)J enrichment, and can simultaneously measure the same TCR, B cell immunoglobulin, and 5' gene expression of cells; obtain paired sequence information for the α and β chains of TCRs in individual T cells or immunoglobulin (Ig) paired sequences for heavy and light chains in individual B cells , as well as information such as gene expression, revealing the complexity of immune cells, helping to gain actionable insights in immunotherapy development and cancer research.


At Alfa Cytology, we have established a mature tumor microenvironment center technology platform, with a group of experienced tumor microenvironment research experts and mature technologies. We provide efficient single-cell immune sequencing (IR-seq) services in the tumor microenvironment (TME) to our global clients to help analyze tumor pathogenesis, immune response and find new biomarkers associated with tumor antigens.

Project flow

Project Flow of Single-cell IR-seq in TME -Alfa Cytology

Bioinformation analysis

  • Standard information analysis

1. mRNA-Seq library information analysis (quantitative gene expression analysis, marker gene identification, cell type annotation, clustering analysis, differential gene analysis, GO/Pathway analysis of differentially expressed genes, TF coding capacity prediction of differentially expressed genes, protein interaction analysis of differentially expressed genes, gene correlation network analysis)

2. TCR/BCR library information analysis (CDR3 sequence identification, clone type identification and annotation, clone type diversity analysis, multiple sample clone type comparison analysis, clone type sequence and V-J combination analysis, clone type evolution analysis, clone type distribution statistics in cellular taxa)

  • Advanced information analysis

Cell trajectory analysis (optional for selected time point samples only)

  • Customized information analysis

Customized information analysis can be negotiated with customers' needs

Service advantages

  • Project experience: partners all over the world, several scientific results published in top journals.
  • Advanced product technology: full-length sequencing and pairwise information of paired heavy and light chains (B cells) or α and β chains (T cells) can be realized.
  • Cutting-edge information analysis content: upgraded bioinformatics analysis with newer analysis software for multidimensional analysis of polymorphisms.
  • Joint multi-omics study: polymorphism localization to cell populations obtained from transcriptome and other omics data analysis, reflecting the state of immune cells in the population.
  • One-stop single-cell research service: provide flow sorting service to realize the sorting of immune cell purpose, one-stop realization from tissue to data and avoid repeated freeze-thawing of cells.

Service process

Service process

Alfa Cytology is dedicated to supporting scientists in making groundbreaking scientific discoveries and developing new applications to accelerate new drug discovery and scientific diagnosis and treatment. We have established the tumor microenvironment center technology platform with high performance scientific instruments and high value solutions to ensure high quality services that enable scientists to explore the mysteries of life at the tumor microenvironment level. Please let us know your project requirements and we will provide you with a comprehensive service from solution to report. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.


Alfa Cytology is a service provider specializing in tumor microenvironment research.

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