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Relying on the tumor microenvironment center technology platform, Alfa Cytology provides services for single-cell proteome detection and analysis for TME research, helping researchers successfully achieve their research goals.


Accurate knowledge of tumor cells is a prerequisite for understanding the function of tumor cells during tumorigenesis, development, metastasis and therapy. The traditional research method is to analyze the tumor cell population and obtain the averaged results of a large number of cells. It is impossible to distinguish the precise contribution of different tumor cells to the sample heterogeneity, thus ignoring or masking the individual differences of individual tumor cells.

Single-cell proteomics can not only provide the gene expression of a single tumor cell and provide data reference for the classification of tumor cell subsets, but also can avoid the expression level changes caused by post-transcriptional regulation and post-translational regulation through protein-level detection. It is closer to the regulatory nature of tumor cells, can more deeply and accurately understand the root causes of tumor occurrence, development, metastasis and treatment, and provides data reference for revealing physiological / pathological phenotypes, development of drug targets and realization of precision medicine.


At Alfa Cytology, we have established a mature tumor microenvironment center technology platform, with a group of experienced tumor microenvironment research experts and mature technologies. Our global customers provide efficient single-cell proteomic detection and analysis services of tumors and microenvironments, helping you in the exploration of tumor and microenvironment heterogeneity, tumor progression research, drug target development and the realization of precision medicine.


Every step from material selection, single cell extraction & preparation and mass spectrometry detection, to data analysis requires scientific and meticulous design to ensure high-quality

Design of Single-Cell Proteomic Sequencing and Analysis Services in TME -Alfa Cytology

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  • For the study of tumor heterogeneity. Subdivide cell subsets, distinguish cell states, study tumor cell development, etc.
  • For rare tumor cell research. The sophisticated technology of single-cell proteomics enables in-depth analysis of rare but critically rare cells such as circulating tumor cells, stem cells.

Service process

Service process

Alfa Cytology is dedicated to supporting scientists in making groundbreaking scientific discoveries and developing new applications to accelerate new drug discovery and scientific diagnosis and treatment. We have established the tumor microenvironment center technology platform with high performance scientific instruments and high value solutions to ensure high quality services that enable scientists to explore the mysteries of life at the tumor microenvironment level. Please let us know your project requirements and we will provide you with a comprehensive service from solution to report. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.


Alfa Cytology is a service provider specializing in tumor microenvironment research.

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